Want to volunteer with the Library over the summer? Come back to this page in April 2023 to apply.

To volunteer in-person during the school year, join our Teen Volunteer Board, which meets once a month.

Want to volunteer from home as time allows? Check out our year-round Volunteen Book Review opportunity below.

Volunteering at CAPL does not count towards court-ordered community service hours.


Write a book review for the Cary Area Library! Teens in grades 6-12 are invited to write formal book reviews to be posted on the Library website or Instagram in exchange for volunteer hours. To participate, please follow the guidelines below:

Review Approval:

  • Before writing a review, please fill out the Teen Volunteer Reviews Interest Form
  • After writing a review, your review will be examined to ensure it was written in the proper format, then you will receive your hours and the review will be posted on the Library website or Instagram. 

Review Format:

  • Reviews should be approximately 600 words and 3-4 paragraphs. 
  • If you would like your review to be posted on the Library’s Instagram, please include a creative, original photo featuring the book cover. Reviews submitted without photos will be posted on the Library website. 
  • When writing your review, please include the following:
    • A plot summary of the book
    • Considerations on characters and world-building
    • A description of the writing style
    • What type of reader would this book appeal to and why? (could be related to age, interests, style of book, etc.)
    • What other books or authors are similar? Or what movies and TV shows are similar?
    • How would you rate it (excellent, very good, good, not good, bad)? 

Submitting Reviews

  • Please submit reviews to roberhauser[at]caryarealibrary.info 
  • Please submit reviews in a word document, PDF, or Google Doc. If you are including a photo, please submit it as a JPEG or PNG file. 

Volunteer Hours Awarded

  • If you review a book read on a previous occasion, you can receive 1 volunteer hour for writing the review.
  • If you read a new book for the purpose of reviewing it, you will receive 1 volunteer hour for each 100 pages of the book. 
  • If you need a volunteer slip filled out, please send a PDF of the volunteer form to roberhauser[at]caryarealibrary.info with your final review. If the review is approved, the form will be filled out and emailed back.

Choosing a Book

Middle Grade, YA, or Adult books are all acceptable choices. If you are unsure of what to review or where to get a book, consider browsing available titles on Hoopla, Digital Library, or Axis 360.