Virtual Backpack

Library Resources

Mango Languages
Interactive tool for learning over 70 different languages. Note: You will need to enter your Cary Area Library card number to access this resource.

IL Driving Test Practice
Access the IL Rules of the Road and practice online written driving tests before you take the test at the DMV.

Learn skills or develop a personal interest at your own pace from over 4,000 video courses taught by industry experts. You’ll need your CAPL card to access this resource.

Useful Websites

A+ Research & Writing
Brought to you by the Internet Public Library, a step-by-step guide to researching and writing your next paper.

Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations
Searchable database of famous quotations. (Quotations can be very useful for papers and speeches.)

CIA World Factbook
Electronic version of the publication that has comprehensive info (updated frequently) about all the countries and territories in the world. It also has a database of Flags of the World.

Periodic Table of Elements
Interactive site that allows you to click on a table element and view its properties. You can also change the view of the table based on a particular property.
Easy to use site which includes a dictionary and thesaurus search feature, as well as links to almanacs, atlases, medical and legal info.